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Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

Here are a handful of reasons why cloth diapers are the right choice! 
1) Better for Baby 

  • Avoid diaper rash – Cotton ventilates the skin and helps evaporate potentially irritating ammonia.  

  • None of the harsh chemicals found in disposables 

  • A 2000 German study links the use of disposable plastic diapers to male infertility 

2) Potty Train Earlier 

  • Children who are cloth diapered tend to potty train around 1 year earlier 

3) It's Easy 

  • No rinsing or soaking: with bundle simply toss the soiled diaper into the diaper pail, and we take care of the rest.  Once baby is on solid foods just shake the soilds into the toilet. 

  • Bundle will deliver a package of clean diapers to your doorstep weekly and pick up the dirties. 

4) Environmental Benefits 

  • Cloth diapers come out far ahead of disposables in two main ways: landfill waste and material resources. 

  • Waste: Disposable diapers generate 3.7 million tons of landfill waste in the U.S. each year, representing 1.5% of the entire municipal waste stream, and each diaper can take up to 500 years to biodegrade.  Our cotton diapers are used until we can't use them any longer, then sold as rags to car washes, garages, etc. 

  • Resources: According to a 2005 Life Cycle Analysis study by the British Environmental Agency, in 2.5 years of use a child using disposables will go through approximately 4,000 diapers. A child clad exclusively in cotton reusable diapers will use approximately 50 diapers. While the only input to those 50 cotton diapers is cotton, the 4,000 disposable diapers require 426 kg of tree-based fluff pulp, 310 kg of SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer), 260 kg of polypropylene and polyethylene (petroleum-based plastics), 31 kg of adhesives, and a host of other materials.