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Organic Cotton Prefold Diaper Service


Bundle is one of only a handful of services in the country to offer 100% GOTS certified organic cotton prefolds!  Why do we care so much?  Because organic cotton requires less water than coventional cotton to grow (yay for water conservation!), and conventional cotton is one the heavy-weights in terms of pesticide use (yay for soil + health conservation!).  We CARE + hope you do, too.  


We pick up your dirty diapers and drop off clean diapers to your doorstep every week.  Easy!

Your diaper bundle is delivered in a waterproof cloth bag to further reduce your waste and for extra durability. 

We provide a deodorizer, which we replace at the beginning of each month.

We plant a tree in honor of every child that cloth diapers with us.

Get Started:

To start, you will need between 6-8 diaper covers (which you can find here or here for newborns, or here, here, or here for babies over 12 lbs.) and a diaper pail.

To sign up for service, we require upfront payment of 4 weeks.  Service is refundable for store credit. 

Once you sign up, we will contact you to introduce ourselves, answer any questions, and let you know when to expect your first package of diapers.


All families' needs are a little different. Our pricing is based on size/qty to accommodate individual needs.  Base Service is $17.95 and includes weekly delivery + pick up, laundry, and "rental" of 25 newborn (4-14 lbs), 25 small (10-20 lbs), 25 medium (15-35+ lbs), 10 large (22-35+ lbs), OR 10 Toddler (30-50+ lbs). If you would like to pick up and drop-off at Bundle, choose our In-Store Service option for $5 less per week! For each quantity of 10 extra diapers, prices are as follows:

     newborn = $1.10 per 10
     small = $1.70 per 10
     medium = $1.95 per 10
     large = $2.05 per 10 
     toddler = $2.15 per 10
*standard FULL-time cloth diapering = 85 newborn ($24.55/wk), 65 small ($24.75/wk), 55 medium ($23.80/wk), 30 large ($22.05), and 30 toddler ($22.25).

Pay $500 or more upfront and receive $35 credit to use either in our shop or for service. Pay $1000 or more upfront and receive $80 credit!
Diapering 2 kids?  No problem!  Choose the base service option for your newborn and increase in quantities of 10 in whichever size(s) you will need.  SUPER easy + AFFORDABLE!

Add Ons:

Many pediatricians recommend cleaning baby's bum with just water and cloth as almost all wipes contain a preservative.  Bundle's cloth wipes are a soft cotton flannel 8x8 square that is perfect gently cleaning your little one.  Just toss 'em in with your dirty diapers.  Easy!
$1 per 10 wipes.  (recommended quantity = 50 wipes)

This is a popular option for many of our customers.  Whether your kiddo is in part-time daycare, you are frequently out and about, or you travel on the weekends, you can get 1/2 pack of disposables added on to your weekly deliveries for just $6.50! 
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