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Birth Professionals

The Birth Center of Boulder
Offers water-birth, pregnancy care, labor and birth support, postpartum services, and well woman care.  

Offers prenatal and postpartum care, annual exams and birth control, fertility counseling, and labor/birth services.

Offers comprehensive midwifery prenatal care, waterbirth, and postpartum care in a freestanding, independent birth center in Englewood. They also offer well-woman care for the entire life cycle, family planning services, and home-like insemination. They welcome ALL family types. Additionally, Mountain Midwifery Center offers lactation support, childbirth preparation, workshops, fitness classes, and so much more to the whole community. Visit their website for more information.

Postpartum and Birth Doula Training, along with continuing education opportunities. 

Elizabeth has been a Certified Professional Midwife in Boulder, Colorado for 17 years. She offers many services including Prenatal care, homebirth, labor and birth support, new mother and baby care, and she is available 24 hours a day for pregnancy related concerns or emergencies. She also teaches a home birth support class! Check out her website to learn more about Elizabeth. 

Kristine has been practicing midwifery for over 25 years and lives in Nederland, Colorado. She has worked in many countries including West Africa, Thailand, and Ghana and has a strong passion for helping mothers-to-be. Her services include: labor and birth at home, postpartum care, complete blood work and prenatal testing, nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, waterbirth, and vaginal birth after C-section. To learn more about Kristine, click on the link above.

At To Each Her Own Women's Health Services, Janet values safe homebirth promoted through positive prenatal care that is geared towards individual needs, nutritional counseling, and childbirth education. Her mission is to provide families with advice, information, and expertise to make informed choices in childbirth. Located in Denver, Colorado!

Jennifer has been attending home births in Colorado since 1982 and has worked as a midwife in Afghanistan, Uganda, and Haiti. She provides prenatal, home birth, and postpartum care. 

Rachel attends births within an hour's travel from Nederland and provided prenatal care, doula services, postpartum care, and newborn hearing screens. She encourages mothers to look inward in order to make the decision of where to have their baby- for themselves. 

Amy has practiced midwifery for many years, but has now shifted her primary focus to massage. She works on women of all ages, specializing in Pre-natal and teenage years because there are so many hormonal changes occurring. She also practices Maya Abdominal Therapy which alleviates PMS, menstrual pain and irregularity and is a good health maintenance tool. Check out the benefits of prenatal massage and maya abdominal therapy, along with Amy's list of classes on her website!